Intelligent Building Automation
reliable, flexible and open

The OpenLS6000 control system offers a maximum level of comfort and functionality, thus setting standards in factory and building automation. OpenLS6000 is specialised for use in industrial and industry-oriented buildings, where the highest demands are placed on quality and reliability in the face of difficult environmental conditions. OpenLS6000 makes it possible to carry out efficient monitoring and control of your applications from a central position as well as from anywhere in the world via the internet.

The modular structure of OpenLS6000 enables the highest level of flexibility with regards to functionality and system sizes thus enabling use in other building types and across property borders. The spectrum of currently installed systems ranges from systems with a few hundred information points through to ultra-complex systems with up to 125.000 information points.

Modern buildings are equipped with countless devices and systems which exchange data using both internal and external interfaces. The desire for integration of different systems (manufacturers) makes open communication logs necessary, i.e. communication logs which are agreed between many manufacturers and then standardised. OpenLS6000 is open. Open to existing systems, open for future developments and open for systems of other manufacturers.

The multitude of structure and communication options guarantees our customers long-term investment protection, thus optimum added value.