As one of the leading independent engineering companies in the field of instrumentation and control technology and building automation, we support demanding projects all over the world. For our customers, we provide consulting and planning services in all project phases of building automation.

Our clients benefit from comprehensive advice and expertise. Based on your project idea, we prepare an initial project draft and check the possibilities using various implementation concepts. We take particular pleasure in developing automation solutions for buildings where the highest demands are placed on quality and reliability. Feel free to contact us – we look forward to hearing from you!

Within the framework of the design planning, we develop a coherent and feasible concept for the automation of your plants and buildings on the basis of the planning documents provided to us for heating, ventilation, cooling, etc.

Implementation planning

With the implementation planning we directly build on the design planning. At the end of the implementation planning, we hand over to our customers a fully planned DDC/BMS project consisting of: verbal functional description, point lists, control diagrams, BMS overview and service specifications for the request for quotation.

Installation planning

We use a variety of state-of-the-art IT tools to prepare the installation planning documents. We see installation planning as the heart of project implementation, and therefore create all subcomponents on our own – circuit diagrams for switch cabinet construction, field device and cable lists, control diagrams and visualisation images as the basis for program creation.

Program creation

At the end of the day, the entire function of digital systems and buildings depends on the quality of the underlying algorithms. Good user programming requires sound process know-how. This is precisely where we see one of our core competences.


Our PVA+ and PVI+ visualisation and operating systems visualise extensive processes in real time and give operators control over their plants and buildings. The dynamic visualisation images are also designed for comprehensive plant operation and diagnosis.

We have a large number of automated tools and processes that facilitate our commissioning activities. Particularly during commissioning, experience and know-how play a decisive role alongside qualifications. Lived "best-practice" from the cooperation of numerous DDC specialists enables us to safely commission your plants with a great deal of competence.

Inspection documents

We prepare our revision documents according to a uniform quality standard. This enables our customers, users and operators to use and operate their buildings and facilities safely.