electrical connection

In the area of assembly, installation and connection work, DDC technology consists of a great deal of tiny parts. Structured work and a genuine passion for electrics therefore play a very important role. A cleanly executed and well-designated electrical project makes the lives of users and operators much easier.


On request, we not only supply the field devices, but also assemble them at their destination. Professional and tidy.


Not all cabling is the same, and DDC cabling is something else again. Many cables, many short distances, permanent changes of direction and then the final installation: Cable tray here, aluminium pipe there, and so on and so forth. Whoever loses the overview here has lost. We do not do standard cabling – only DDC installation work. This is where we have specialised; this is where we know our way around.


Reliability plays a major role here. If the connection work is done well, commissioning is unproblematic. Our specialist I&C fitters know their trade and are aware of the importance of correctly executed and professional electrical connection work for the further course of the project.